Star Wars Special Edition - Return of the Jedi
January 1997

These three posters should really be set up together.  Then the power and beauty is trippled.  Note the completion of the composition when A New Hope is on the left, Empire is in the middle and Jedi is on the right.  See how the exploding design centers in the middle of the poster for Empire.  All the elements explode out from this center.  Note the symmetrical reflection of composition and character elements on the left and right with A New Hope and Jedi.  This gives a power and stability and presence which can only be appreciated when all three are together.  Amazingly, the compositions work wonderfully when each of the posters are seen separately but then works beautifully and differently when all are seen together.  Appreciate the color character given to each separate film but how they also work when seen together. Red for A New Hope, blue for Empire and green for Jedi.
An amazing piece of work.
If you would like to see them all together as the artist intended them to be seen, check it out on Drew's own web site at  You can find a link to his page on the Drew Struzan section of this site.