Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace

This poster seemed to be seen in more places for a longer time than any poster in memory.  What seemed to be taking place turns out to be true.  It is very unusual for a poster done to advertise a movie in the North American market to remain unchanged when it goes into other markets.  Usually there will be different posters for different countries.  Drew had heard a comment that George Lucas was trying to protect this image and to keep it "the" image for the movie whenever and wherever the film was represented.  It took some seven months or so for the film to release in all it's market places around the world.  Once complete it had opened in at least fifty markets world wide.  In every case in whatever land it opened, this painting by Drew represented the movie to every audience.  While there are no records kept on such a thing, this has got to be the most seen, widely distributed and collected poster of any time.
The tabulations are incomplete but the film already stands as the third largest grossing film of all time in the North American market alone.  Lucasfilm is so rightfully proud of this image that they have sent to Drew a collection of one poster from each of the openings from around the world, totaling fifty different posters from as many different countries.  What a collection, what a poster, what a painting, what an icon of our age!