Star Wars Special Edition - The Empire Strikes Back
January 1997

With only one week to deadline when Drew was asked to paint the poster, he had a hectic time making the three new posters for the then upcoming special releases of the 'Star Wars' trilogy.  He began the series during the Christmas / Hanukah holidays and finished it through the New Years holiday.  He spent three weeks total on the job.  Only one week each for the three paintings and the first one due only one week after first getting the assignment.
This myth twenty years in the making and only one week each to sum them up in these posters.
Drew had originally only been asked to do but one picture to represent all three films.  However, Drew immediately saw the opportunity to do three posters which could work together as the films do to create one complete and larger story. Of course when Lucasfilm approved the idea Drew also accepted three times the work and three unbelievable deadlines.  The pressure doesn't show in the finished product.  It looks much more like love, power and peace.  That is surely the impression we are all left with when we stand in the presence of these works of art.