Black Beauty
                                                                              Blade Runner
                                                                              Brave New World
                                                                              Johnny Carson T.V. Guide
                                                                              First Blood
                                                                              Harry and the Hendersons
                                                                              A History of Jehovah's Witnesses: From a Black American Perspective
                                                                              Indiana Jones
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                                                                              The Lonely Guy
                                                                              The Mist
                                                                              Nancy Drew Files: Case #1 - Secrets Can Kill
                                                                              Nancy Drew Files: Case #2 - Deadly Intent
                                                                              Once an Eagle
                                                                              The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
                                                                              Seventh Avenue
                                                                              Star Wars - Darth Maul Comics

                                                                              Indiana Jones

                                                                              The Peril at Delphi
                                                                              The Dance of the Giants
                                                                              The Genesis Deluge
                                                                              The Seven Veils
                                                                              The Unicorn's Legacy
                                                                              The Interior World
                                                                              The Sky Pirates
                                                                              The White Witch
                                                                              The Philosopher's Stone
                                                                              The Dinosaur Eggs
                                                                              The Hollow Earth
                                                                              The Secret of the Sphinx


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