January 1985

Drew has no idea about what happened to this poster of Ladyhawk.  He delivered this finished piece to be printed as the one sheet for the movie, but somehow it dissappeared right after its first appearance back in 1985.  Maybe it was too romantic or pretty for the studio.  Compared to what they finally came up with that would be my guess.  Drew has little to say about it aside from that he liked it.  It was a chance to do something a bit out of the ordinary, design wise.  Perhaps it was a bit too much for them.
I have no idea how many of these printed posters are out there.  All I can tell you is that once in a while one seems to pop up on the internet. A special thanks should go to Mike Buckley for giving me this once in a lifetime chance to get this poster for my own personal collection.  It must have been a tough decision but no fear; it's in very good hands.  Thanks Mike, you're the best!