Meatballs III - Summer Job
October 1986

Drew continued to use friends and family in his work as the models.
In this piece he again used the most available people who would work for him at a reasonable price, his family.  By this time his son had grown to the right size to model as the kid and his wife was the model for the main girl.
Obviously the heads are portraits of the movie's stars which Drew would "Frankenstein" onto the bodies of the models.
This piece was done for an independent film company, The Movie Store.  When they began their company they had decided that the only chance they would have to make a success would be to have outstanding advertising since they couldn't compete financially in the making of their films with the big studios.  They scoured the town, looking at every portfolio so they could decide who to use.  They said many an artist would say when interviewed, "I can give you a Drew at half the price".  After a while they began to realize that this Drew must be the one to see. So they eventually called "The" Drew and got the superior advertising they were looking for.