Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
June 1989

We all wondered: is this the last crusade meaning the last movie or....?  It may not be the last Indy film.  As the rumors and truth of scripts and plans to make another film fly all around Hollywood it was not the end of Indiana Jones or the paintings Drew would do of Indy.  Drew did a beautiful poster  and logo for the Disneyland ride 'Indiana Jones Adventure of the Forbidden Eye' and  painted over a dozen book covers for Bantam Doubleday.  He continues to do paintings of Indy.  He did work for Young Indy as well but the rug was pulled out from under him when it came to the video releases of the Young Indy series.  Drew did all the work and conceptualizing on the covers and even all the finished drawings when they then gave his work to someone else to finish the painting.  No worries, Drew still is "The" Indy artist having just completed an Indy computer game box cover.