Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Advance
Februari 1989

Can you tell how much Drew loves to paint Indiana Jones?  This job was a blessing to Drew and his family in more ways than can be told.  It was his utter delight to have gotten this job and to have painted this picture.  He did dozens of beautiful black and whites in preparation for this, a number of full color full size paintings, he did two versions of this finished painting for the advance poster and then did the wonderful one sheet for the release of the film.  He also did numerous paintings that were used for newspaper ads.  It cannot be discerned from these paintings but this was the beginning of the worst time in the life of the artist and his family.  Along with severe emotional distress they were also suffering their worst financial disaster.  What an unprecedented blessing when Paramount Studios decided to purchase the entire body of original work for their archives that Drew had done for this film.  Paramount does not know it but they most surely saved the life and career of this artist and his family.