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               This site has been on the World Wide Web since January 1 of the year 2000.  It was created with the combined forces of Joe Namsinh and Paul De Blieck.  Any comments on the site can be mailed to any one of us.  You should know that most of what you see comes from Joe's huge collection of Drew related stuff.  Basically all questions regarding the actual collection should be mailed to him. The man has absolutely everything though he says his collection is only about 10 percent of the huge amount of artwork Drew has created so far.
               Paul makes the site you see before you, writing the text, adding new stuff as it comes in. So basically all questions regarding the site itself should go to him.  Of course we both like pictures so you can mail those anywhere you like.  We're constantly trying to add new material and are eager for your input.  If you have any questions about the subject matter let us know.  Making a site can be a lonely business so we really need to know how we've done so far.
               Keep watching the site and we hope to hear from you soon.

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