The Drew movie poster page is here for you to enjoy.  It's my intention to get as many movie posters of the great Drew Struzan on the net as possible.  The list of movie posters is based on the one Drew put on the internet himself.  I'm sure you've all seen a great deal of the popular ones, but the more unknown obscure pieces are the ones to look out for.  They are the ones for me that should make this homepage an interesting site.
           Most of the posters are shown in the one sheet format, except of course for the ones I haven't got yet or the ones that were never printed in that size. So some of the posters are shown as an English Quad, a half size French poster or even as a copy out of a movie magazine. You should know that some artwork for posters in that list was never used, some was changed before it got in the print and luckily most was reproduced the way Drew intended it to look like.  I've got 120 or so reproductions of any kind of the 150 titles in the list, and here's where I need your help.


           If any of you have a Drew poster or some reproduction of a poster that I haven't got, please get in touch.  As a matter of fact if you have anything on Drew, I'd love to see it.  You could mail me a copy (preferably in the jpeg format) or send me a picture.  If you know of titles not mentionned in the list or info in the pieces, just let me know and I'll try to figure them out. You must remember Drew started doing movie posters in the mid 70's so anything way before that couldn't possibly be his. Thanks for visiting my homepage and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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