This section should be of great interest to all you fans and collectors out there for this is a first.  Drew did a lot of pictures that were to be used as movie posters but didn't make it in the end.  As you can read next to some of the posters in the poster section, sometimes comps. were used as finished art, in this case some finished art never got used at all.  Really a pity if you look at all the love and hard work that got into those pieces.  A shame they stayed unused and unseen for so long.
          Because of his continuous appreciation and enthousiasm for this site Drew has arranged for us to see some of these lost pieces. You'll see many of these paintings here for the first time and you will love them!  For some posters you'll find different versions due to the changes the studios so frequently require, but after reading the info in the poster section this will not surprise you anymore.
          Have fun and finally enjoy these wonderful pieces of art.  They may never have been printed as a poster, they'll stay here for you to see and enjoy forever.


                                                     ----The Posters that Never Were----


                                                                                     Back to the Future - Part 3 (a)
                                                                                     Back to the Future - Part 3 (b)

                                                                                     Code Name: Emerald

                                                                                     Crocodile Dundee 2

                                                                                     Cross Creek (1)
                                                                                     Cross Creek (2)
                                                                                     Cross Creek (3)

                                                                                     E.T. The Extra Terrestrial


                                                                                    A Gift from Heaven

                                                                                    Harry and the Hendersons

                                                                                    The Lonely Guy

                                                                                    Nadine (a)

                                                                                    The Name of the Rose (a)

                                                                                    Tarzan the Apeman