Super Capers

Hi ya Paul,

I trust you guys are well.  We be good.

Indy, Hellboy, Capers and others were all mixed up in the "rush" to the end.  The end meaning of my illustration career. They all contributed, (were to blame in part) to my demise.  Does anyone really want to take credit?  Just kidding.  Something to do with a camel's back.

The studios had turned their backs on "art" over the last number of years. as most anyone has noticed.   The only work I had been getting was from loyal lovers of art and friends like Frank Darabont, Guillermo del Toro and the likes of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.  Also, there were these first time directors who had grown up on my work, now had made their movies and wanted a DREW to grace their films as they had remembered the posters from their youths.  Capers was one of those first timers.

All good, all a grand blessing and... all over.

My best thoughts for you my loyal friend...drew