Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Running Indy
Promotional Poster  2008

Besides his hugely popular advance and regular poster for the new Indy movie, Drew also created 3 different Indy action pieces to be used in various incarnations.  He did a 'Running Indy', a 'Swinging Indy' and an 'Indy with whip' (two versions).  Then he also created 3 different backgrounds: a warehouse explosion, steps in the temple and natives, piramides and skull.  Later on these pieces were digitally combined for whatever purpose needed: banner, posters, wallpaper, icons, etc...

Because I haven't got a good quality image of the 'Running Indy' poster, I merely put this piece up for reference.  The other 2 magnificent posters can be seen and enjoyed in all their glory on the 'next' pages.