The Mist
Advance poster 2007

'Frank is a very good and close friend.  You know I have worked with him recently on a number of his projects including Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile for DVD's.  He is well known as a horror fan and 'The Mist' is his first fore' into this genre he loves so much.  It's based on a classic Stephen King novelette and Frank wrote the screenplay.  While writing he made the main character a movie poster artist.  Guess who inspired that?  The art studio in the film is based upon my studio at home.  In the film all the paintings in the artist's studio are mine.  Some are movie posters, Hellboy, Shawshank and some are my personal works.  I even spent an afternoon with the actor (Thomas Jane) teaching him how to make it look like he actually knew what he was doing while painting on a special picture I painted for the film.  The picture I painted for the poster was used as a poster give-away at the San Diego Comic Convention this summer (2007).  It will also be used on a book cover of a special edition of the Mist , as well as Overseas.'

See 'The Mist' book cover here.