September 2004

"Having made a monster movie, I was looking for a way to do a poster that could show the monster, but not really show it.  I love the poster for JAWS, in which they depict the shark but since it's painted and not a photograph, it's not really spoiling anything.  So I asked myself, who is the best artist for this kind of thing?  Drew Struzan immediately came to mind.  I grew up loving his work, iconic images from all my favorite movies.  I contacted Drew, and we went and had lunch and discussed the project and what was needed.  I still can't believe how fortunate and lucky I was when Drew agreed to do our poster.  My jaw dropped when he showed me the finished piece... truly a dream come true.  I am honored to count Drew among my good friends, and I am humbled that my first movie has a poster done by such a master."

Ryan Schifrin,
director Abominable