The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

First impressions aren't always right and this is a sad example. When I took a first look at this new Flintstones poster I was really thrilled to get a new movie poster to add within these pages.  After his hugely succesful Phantom Menace poster we could at last enjoy another Drew poster, right?  Bad news!  The poster you see here before you is yet another severe example of the abuse of power in the industry. It has little resemblance to the original painting Drew did for this movie and is again the result of disrespectful computer manipulating and therefor it is a lie. Even Drew's signature is an unauthorized computer addition, as he didn't sign the work anticipating such abuse of his art.
You may say:'Who will ever know and who will ever care?' The public won't for they can only see this printed poster and will certainly enjoy it for what it is.  But it's the creator of the original piece, the man with a lifetime experience in the business that has been hurt, as has his good name and reputation. So alright, enjoy this poster but remember, first impressions aren't always right.