I, The Jury

When Drew began in the film industry he found it to be extremely competitive.  With many artists vying for the same jobs, all doing concepts, all being reviewed, the question was how to stand out.  The standard practice was to submit tissue paper drawings to begin with, 'ruffs' as they were called.  So to stand out Drew took the extra time to do better drawings on better paper with a more finished and complete look.  He would get noticed and get the job.  As time went on other artists realized what was happening.  The result was that more and more finished work was being presented to get work.  Today artists are doing completely finished illustrations in order to compete with the reputation Drew now has.  This painting for 'I the Jury' is interesting in that it is a half size comprehensive that Drew did, not a piece of 'finished' art.  The studio could see no reason to have Drew paint a finished painting when they liked this one just fine.  So they printed the comp. as the finished poster.