August 1983

Yet another rush job.  Friday night.  Another artist failed.  We have no art.  We have no poster.  Must have art to print Monday morning.  If you can believe it you will finally start to understand the pressure of working in the movie business.  You think this is nuts?
This proves Drew is crazy.  Another artist told him of this great new paint on the market which works like oils but dries fast like acrylics.  Wishing to use oils and get the look of oils, Drew runs out and buys a bunch of this new paint to do this rush picture. (You don't use a new and unfamiliar medium to do a painting that is a must and a rush.)  Well was he sorry.  What a mess!  It did not do all that was promised but Drew finished it anyway, problems in all.  No one ever knew the suffering that it took to do this piece.  It was delivered and appreciated.