All Night Long

Some people may be under the impression that when an artist makes a picture that it is "all" his.  Rarely is that the case.  Especially is that so in the "business" until the artist has a reputation and is respected.  Artists need patrons of their work, most especially do patrons have opinions and ideas about the art when the art is created and commissioned for commercial, advertising reasons.  While Drew has gained a great knowledge of the "business" of movie advertising over the years of his experience, often it is not his creativity , knowledge and compositional skills that they are after.  Sometimes they come to him with a preconceived idea and only require his technical skill to draw what is desired.  That is the case with this piece.  They had their idea and Drew designed and composed within their preconceived limitations to make a piece of art that Barbra Streisand really liked.  No small accomplishment.