The Great Muppet Caper

As is so often the case in Hollywood, when the second Muppet movie was ready for the advertising they wanted "something different".  So they went to photography as the solution for the poster.  Well, they took a really nice photograph but it didn't really work.  As Jim Henson knew, without movement and voices the Muppets look like puppets, not the living characters we know and love.  So they came back to Drew who could breath life into them as he had done before.  The finished painting has a more rendered appearance, in Drew's view, rather than is Drew's usual choice.  This is because of the photographic beginning for the piece. This really cinched it for Drew, Jim Henson turning to him to do all the Muppet work that he could bear from that point on.
Technical note:  Drew did not paint in all the typography on the poster.  He painted the Muppets and the tear in the newspaper and the background of newsprint color and texture.  The type was over printed in the poster printing process.