We're Back - A Dinosaur's Story (A)
November 1993

a couple of years ago, i wrote to you while i was a student @ the columbus college of art & design as an illustration major. although i know i'm a little late, i want you to know that you mailing a handwritten letter to a humble student had a great impact on me. i am now an illustrator/animator left with a memory that one of my illustration idols is a nice person also. thank you very much. after i graduated, i worked @ a studio called character builders and they worked on the animated movie "we're back", for whom you did the poster. that poster has a lot of meaning to them because on the lower right side you drew their mascot "herb", a short bald man with an oversized suit. i think you must have referenced the crowd scenes they worked on, because that's where they snuck herb in!
well, i'm glad to be connected not only through admiration, but though actual art!