To Be or Not To Be
December 1983

This is Mel Brooks' favorite poster ever done for one of his films, or so he said to Drew.  I don't think it is only because it has himself and his wife depicted.  Now this is a couple of Hollywood Stars.  Look at those portraits!  It's a beautiful painting.
When it was being done by Drew, the design studio knew they wanted these beautiful portraits but couldn't decide what else to put in the poster.  Drew did the portraits and waited for the decision.  When a design was finally decided upon Drew found that there was not the room on the illustration board with the portraits to fit the desired background onto the same board.  So Drew painted the background and picture frame on another board, cut a hole in it where the frame is and actually framed the portraits with the other piece of art.  The background is actually on the top and the portraits are on the second level.