Three O'Clock High
October 1987

Phil Joanou was a young first time director who had the wonderful opportunity to be doing his first major film with the mentorship of Steven Spielberg.  Drew had worked with Steven so many times by now that he asked Drew to do the poster for 'Three O'Clock High' with Phil.  Phil was thrilled to have so many blessings.  He couldn't believe that he got the talents of Drew to do the poster for his first feature film.  The film was as funny as could be and the poster was all he had dreamed of.  A funny coincidence: When in 1998 Phil was doing his film  'Entropy', Drew's son now 30 years old and a successful art director, wanted to do the poster for the film since his favorite musicians, U2, were in the film.  Phil had done the documentary Rattle and Hum with U2 earlier, and now all things came together with Drew's son Christian doing the poster for Phil's new film twelve years after his father had done Phil's first.