Star Wars - Rerelease

This artwork was done in collaboration with Charlie White III, who did the robots and the background.  Drew did the portraits.  It is often referred to as the 'circus poster' and is said to be one of George Lucas' favourite Star Wars posters.  Of course that was before Drew's Special Edition Series and before his Episode I painting.
Anyhow, this is the quintessential 'mother of invention' piece.  Originally, the painting was conceived and executed as the one piece of paper that is at the top.  With more type then was anticipated there was no room to accommodate it.  So with some inventing they made it not just old and torn but wild posted, putting the additional portrait of Obi-Wan to the side, the type added to the bottom and even the circle with Han Solo within the original picture.  The portraits of Luke and Leia are in oils as well as Han, the portrait of Obi-Wan is in acrylic and pencil.