The Name of the Rose
September 1986

This is something that you most likely already know from experience but never heard anyone ever admit it to being the truth.  For what ever reason, the studio seemed afraid, insecure or could they have just not understood this film, but it was their clear direction to make it look like a comedy when they asked Drew to make the poster. Drew had not seen the film so only had their direction to go on as to what spirit this poster should have. Drew is a strong believer in "truth" in advertising. He cannot comprehend the thought process that would green light a film, finance it, make and distribute it  when they don't believed in the author's premise or the director's vision. Did they ever consider that they could be losing one audience while trying to selling another?  Why try to sell it as something it is not? Don't they believe in your own product? Anyhow, Drew was disappointed to learn later that the film was not a comedy. Too bad, it was a great film and it is a great poster, just not accurate to the film. This happens all the time, as if we couldn't figure this out.