The Muppet Movie (A)

Having stayed in L.A. after finishing school, Drew had never gone to New York.  The Muppet movie gave him that opportunity.  After Jim Henson chose Drew to do the poster for his first movie the next step was for Drew to go to New York to conceive the idea and to photograph the Muppets as reference for the piece of art.  Drew, along with a group of
creatives including Jim Henson, conceived of the idea of the "Gone with the Wind" pose with Kermit and Piggy as the main image.  If you are going to the big city that is surely the way to do it.
A little personal insight.  At the time of doing the painting Drew lived 114 miles from Hollywood out in the country side.  So he painted what he knew, the countryside as the Muppets approached Hollywood, with a California road sign like the one near his home.
After Drew had done the painting Jim commented on how Drew was able to paint the Muppets as we see them, not as puppets but as real living individuals.  Subsequently, Drew became the unofficial Muppet artist because it was only Drew that painted the Muppets the way Jim saw them.