Masters of the Universe
June 1987

Drew was glad for the opportunity to work with the Cannon Film Group for the first time on this project.  It was also the last time as they soon ceased as a group after this.  It was enjoyable because they appreciated his efforts and this highly successful piece was the result.  Drew also enjoyed the experience because he had the chance to work with Gary Goddard once again.  Drew had painted a fantastic picture for Gary's first film (as a writer), Tarzan the Apeman, back in 1981. (See this painting on Drew's web site.) It was one of those paintings that suffered the fate of the iron hand of politics and therefore never made it into production.  It was on the presses but was halted when a friend of Bo Derek's, as the story was told, wanted to do the poster, so Drew lost out.  Drew has done a number of other projects with Gary and his company, Landmark Entertainment.  Most of these were for inter industry use so were seldom seen outside the industry.  He did pieces including Prince Lightstar, Captain Power and Skeleton Warriors.