The Legend of the Lone Ranger

Drew did a lot of sketches as ideas for the film and this drawing was used as a one sheet in Europe.  This black and white picture is the only reproduction I have.
This is so because the original drawing is in black and white.  You see, the drawings were ideas and compositions for review.  They were never intended for use as printed pieces.  It is amazing how the powers that be decide they don't like the approach and tell Drew thanks but no thanks.  Then years later he finds out that someone somewhere saw them, liked them and used them without his knowledge or appropriate compensation.  Stranger still that these same rejected pieces were also appreciated, and appropriated by others who entered them in competitions where they received awards for their quality.  So while we know that you can't please all the people all the time, we learn that neither is the king's opinion always the consensus.  What will be will be.