The Frisco Kid

This is the English poster of the movie 'The Frisko Kid'.  For some reason they flopped Drew's artwork.  You can see his signature logo in reverse on the suitcase, a dead give away for anyone who knows what to look for.
The reason is really a pet peeve of Drew's.  How often have you seen a double portrait in a movie poster but the names at the top of the poster are not over the proper portraits?  Well, the position of the names are a matter of contractual agreement.  This is not always, if ever, the knowledge of the designer of the posters when it is being conceived.  It seems someone was sensitive enough to realize the situation on this poster and so saw no reason not to flop the painting to get the portraits under the appropriate names.  I guess the art wasn't as important as the order of the names.  They were not apparently aware of the signature.