Back to the Future - Part II
November 1989

After this triptych was finished it would seem hard to believe that this wasn't the result of an initial brilliant idea.  It was not.  It was never an idea or a concept that was predetermined.  It was a hard fought battle with no real sure vision for the set.
The original one sheet for the first episode was arrived at rather helter skelter.  This second one was the same, maybe even more so.  Drew did over thirty black and white drawings and concepts.  He did a couple dozen full blown black and white compositions and numerous full color paintings trying to arrive at a concept that would make everyone secure.  In the end they did go with what made them all comfortable, a repeat of the original.
Even this concept had it's trials on the finished painting.  Drew had painted the entire city scape of Hill Valley in the background originally and only later painted over it with this simple nightscape.  The whole experience was a delight however.  A great poster after all and the experience of having  Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd actually pose for the painting.  It was on this occasion that Michael told Drew that he was Drew's greatest fan.