Welcome to the Drew Collectors Page, the second site celebrating the work of the great Drew Struzan.  It's our intention to become the ultimate research site for all you Drew collectors and admirers out there.  And 'Collector' is the main issue here. Finally you'll be able to see a great deal of Drew's artwork that has been barely seen lately.  For one because many pieces were created a long, long time ago while others were only available a short period of time before they became a real collectors item. This it how the site works:
               We've devided the artwork in different sections.  The Record Album Cover section should eventually become the most complete collection of Drew created album covers ever compiled.  Most of these covers date back to the late 60's and early 70's and show Drew's unequalled ability to tackle any given subject with his usual brilliance and professionalism. The Advertising section presents mainly posters Drew did for all kinds of events and purposes.  Then there's the biggest section of the bunch: the Movie and Television Related Advertising section where you'll find all kinds of artwork that can somehow be related to movies and television.  There's merchandise, posters, book covers, T.V. guide ads, video covers, etc...  So anything Drew did for movies and television shows can be found in that section. Other sections will be added as we go along.
                For all you Star Wars fans out there you won't find many of these pieces here for we feel they are not yet real collector items.  Many of these works were created for book covers and are still frequently available on the market. Maybe in time when these books will become hard to find, they will be added to these pages.  So time will tell.
               Finally you should know that what you see before you is the result of months of hard labour, putting all our spare time in trying to make this an interesting and unique site.  We really  hope you like what we've done.  Therefore we would appreciate to hear your comments.  Also if you have a rare piece Drew did that you cannot find within these pages, just let us know so we can check it out and add it to the site.  Remember this site is made for you to enjoy all those magnificent pieces Drew created, many of them at the start of his career. Artwork that hasn't seen the light of day for quite a while.  Did it stand the test of time?  We think it did.  Judge for yourself.

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