Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
            Pepsi Promo Standee  1989

Among the many pieces that Drew painted for the Pepsi Cola Last Crusade campaign was this Standee.  Drew painted it in four parts.  The portraits were one painting, the castle, horses and background was another.  The shot of Indy riding is yet a separate painting and the scene of Venice and the boat another. When it was put together it was intended to make a nice 3-D effect for the standee, each piece being printed, cut out and mounted on different levels.  It was put together in many different ways, at varying scales  for different applications. Drew had no way of controlling these applications of his work and some were therefor more successful than others.  Any examples of this very fleeting campaign are rare and collectable.
As a side bar: As you find examples from this campaign you may actually also find some examples of the work of Drew's son.  There was so much work to do on this project in such a short period of time, Drew's son painted many examples too.  He, Christian, was working as an illustrator at the time but has since become a major art director in Hollywood advertising.  Thereby avoiding any competition with the old man.