The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Television Ad & Video Cover 1991

Drew painted this beautiful advertisement as an introductory ad to the series, which advertisement ran in a number of magazines.  Years later Drew was called on by George Lucas to paint all the  box covers (12) for the video release of the series.  Drew conceived, designed, got approved and actually did all the drawings over which he would complete the original paintings when, alas, Paramount canceled the project.  For two years the drawings sat in Drew's storage.  Unfinished, unpainted but too good to dispose of.  Then, from out of the blue came the request to finish the paintings in one month after having been a dead issue for two years.  Well, kind of a shock.  Drew wanted to do them for two years and had quite a bit invested in them.  Drew was booked!  He couldn't meet the deadline to do twelve paintings in a month when they came out of nowhere wanting them.  Nothing to be done since they wouldn't budge on the deadline.  So Drew's beautiful designs, drawings and ideas were handed over to another artist to paint on.  Not everything is as it should be in the land of art.  Everything is not as it appears.  Do not be deceived when looking to collect the video covers for Young Indiana Jones, they are not wholly Drew's work.