Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Pepsi Poster 1989

While Drew was busy painting the campaign for the release of the film, Pepsi Cola did a promotional tie in with the release of the film. Wisely they also hired "the" Indiana Jones artist to paint them a number of images.  This particular poster quickly became many people's favorite Indy poster.  Funny thing was, you couldn't buy it.  It was a give away with the purchase of a six pack of Pepsi ( Drew also painted the carton).  If you sent in the redemption coupon they would send you a poster for free.  This campaign became the most successful advertising that Pepsi ever did.  So were the posters very successful.  Unfortunately, the campaign was soon over and the poster was no longer available.  This being the case, the poster is now extremely collectable.  The only places they may be obtained is from other collectors.  Good luck on your crusade to find one.