Manhattan Beach


Glad to hear everything is fine for you guys.  In the midst of all the turmoil in the world we have been managing to duck it and are doing fine too.
Ah, Manhattan Beach.  It's a Southern California beachtown.  Actually Mike Mignolla lives there, Mike of Hellboy fame. I painted this commission as promotion for the town; you know, like a travel poster or a tourist collectable or just for those with pride in their town.  That's my son fishing off the pier.  He's fourty this year so that gives you some idea how old this piece is.  It wasn't widely distributed so was always very rare.  It was commissioned by the town fathers.
Indy is finished at last.  Also did a Hellboy piece.  You can find info. on both on the web.  Resting a bit for now, really needed.

Keep well and happy.........drew