When I got this image in from Joe, I wrote Drew for some info and this was his reply:
I don't know that Aquagun is appropriate for you Collector page or not.  I did it as a package design for the "water pistol" toy.  It never came to anything; it was never used.  Not that the art was wrong but the producer of the product never got it together. Since it wasn't ever produced it is impossible to collect unless you can get your hands on the original, which was stolen. It was done as a favor anyhow, painted in the late 70's.  That is Christian, my son, as the little guy.  Makes one wonder where this great reproduction came from since the art disappeared from me years ago.
So although this piece was never printed in any form I opted for it to be shown here.  Let's face it ,it's a great piece and much too good to be lost forever.